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Yes-clock.com provides smart virtual clocks that you can include in your web page or use as desktop background. All you have to do is just paste the HTML code on your web page or download HTML file for using as a desktop wallpaper. Decorate your web site and desktop with Yes Clocks! Make sure Macromedia Flash Player 8 or higher is installed on your computer (get the latest version of Flash Player at www.adobe.com for free).
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Yes, Time Is Running

This web site is dedicated to things everybody's accustomed to use each and every day. Our life cannot be imagined without these things. These are clocks.

Variety of clock designs in real world makes it difficult to find two apartments in one town with the same desktop or wall clock. The little world of our virtual clocks tries to be the same. Our virtual clocks look like real ones (sometimes even more attractive). And time they count is absolutely real. New and new original clocks are being created regularly by our designers. So bookmark this site, visit us from time to time and check out our clock galleries. Find the clock that fits your web site design or meets your taste when you decorate your display's desktop.

On the right you can see the latest clocks created by Yes-Clock.com designers. If you cannot see them check if Macromedia Flash Player 8 (or newer) installed in your computer. Get the latest version of Flash Player at www.adobe.com for free.

Navigate through our galleries and find whatever you like: digital clock, analog clock, virtual calendars, computer desktop wallpapers. All models are simple to install and absolutely free.

The logo on our clock's face reads "Yes". Look at your future with optimism.

Yes, Time is running.

Yes, Life is going on.

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